Chiaravalli Group Quality Policy has three main goals:

1. Keep high satisfaction level for our stakeholder, especially for our customers and partners

2. Facilitate participation and sharing process among our people especially for our employees and co-partners

3. Carry out any evaluation on the basis of objective evidence and in compliance with current legislation and regulation.

Chiaravalli Group Quality Policy was born as a commitment of the Board of Directors and it evolved thanks to the whole Company actions.

Chiaravalli Group spa (CH spa) is a leading Company in the field of mechanical transmission parts production and distribution.

Together with the Company LMC we manage to satisfy any customer request thanks to the high production level of the latter. Even if we have spun off the main core into commercial and production divisions we want to keep and strengthen Chiaravalli Group leadership. Our goal is to be able to steadily fulfil our customer’s needs. We can accomplish all that thanks to the production of high-quality items which are the results of our excellent business process. The effort of our Company must be to improve those processes thanks to our external and internal collaborators responsible work. The steady improvement of processes and customers management allows us to reach very good results with a moderate economic impact. Our customers will be fully satisfied.

The implementation of the Quality Policy is guaranteed as follows:

1. Application of the Company Quality System

2. Management review of the quality

3. Achievement of the established objectives

4. Risk assessment

5. The improvement Plans issued periodically during the Management review, which define the new quality objectives of the various corporate areas

Thanks to all those things we can give continuity to the processes with the main goal to streamline and consolidate the obtained results

If we strongly believe in our potential and skills, we will be able to grow the professional experience and our awareness of being a great group.

Board of Directors April 2020