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Today, the flight of millions of people from wars and poverty is one of the hardest humanitarian crisis: there are 59.5 millions of refugees and displaced persons in the world. Over the most recent years, we have increased and strengthened our actions to support people fleeing from their own Country and ready to risk their lives to reach Europe, by sea or over land. Here follows an overview of our actions over the most recent months.

Our support activities on the ground.

We work on the shores and in the regions where displaced persons, refugees and vulnerable asylum-seekers gather to try to enter Europe: Italy, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, France, and Tunisia.

MSF was officially created in Paris on 21 December 1971: a group of physicians returning from Biafra, together with a group of journalists, decided to found Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Doctors Without Borders, a humanitarian organization to make medical care and witness actions the pillar of its own identity.

After 40 years, today MSF is the largest independent emergency medical assistance organization worldwide.