Community projectGadda Rosselli

GADDA ROSSELLI Higher Education Institute

ITC-ITPA “Gadda – Rosselli” was established in 2004 by the merger of two institutes: “Carlo Emilio Gadda” and “Carlo Rosselli”.

“Carlo Emilio Gadda” was a technical high school founded in 1981 where future accountants where prepared through IGEA (law and business accounting specialization) and Mercurio (accountancy and information technology) specialization areas, while “Carlo Rosselli” industrial technical institute offered its students ERICA, PNI and ITER specialization areas, and was strongly oriented to foreign languages.

In 2010, the institute widened the range of training on offer, merging business tourism specialization area offered by Falcone institute and started its foreign language lyceum.

The new high school was called Istituto Statale di Istruzione Superiore Gadda Rosselli.

The school, located in Via De Albertis 3, has plenty of computer labs, classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, and a language lab. It is fully integrated in its local culture context, and has managed to adapt its educational offer to ever-changing community needs.

Chiaravalli Group Awards:
Chiaravalli scholarships award schools from Gallarate area and are named after Cavaliere Silvio Chiaravalli.