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Chiaravalli Today

Italian Heart, Global Machinery

Chiaravalli is a European leading company in manufacturing and distributing components intended for mechanical transmission.

Chiaravalli, together with LMC, its associated company, designs and manufactures high precision mechanical components intended for the most varied industrial sectors.

Our logistics centre in Cantalupa relies upon an integrated computer system to provide product stocking, withdrawing, packing and dispatching.

Storage area is equipped with top-notch logistics computer systems.

Chiaravalli Group – Professionalism, Competency, Industriousness and Tradition at a time.

Our numbers

  • 35000sqm production sites in Italy
  • +30000sqm logistics area in Italy
  • 10Production and commercial sites in Europe
  • +250Employees

Our Vision

Mechanics – Chiaravalli group genetic heritage

Human evolution has always been based on mechanical applications stemming from an ingenious intuition.

Our Mission

Customers: our core value, our focus, all the time

Chiaravalli Group is a group of modern dynamic companies that are strongly oriented to constantly listening to customers.

Chiaravalli Group is the perfect technological partner to share values, seriously and respectfully, exchanging expertise and technological innovation in mechanical handling.

Our Goals

Over its 50-year history, Chiaravalli company’s goal has been to become the unrivalled technological reference centre in Italy and Europe, strengthening its position at the forefront of mechanical transmission sector.

Green Company

We embarked on the path to environmental responsibility to minimize environmental impact

Over the years, Chiaravalli Group has embarked on the path to environmental responsibility to minimize environmental impact of manufacturing and providing mechanical transmission products.

Specific actions were taken in several sectors, among which the following ones outstand:

  • Centralized chip collection
  • Machine tool specific air filtering systems
  • Elimination of hard copies in mechanical production
  • Overall digitalization of Chiaravalli Group by eliminating paper archives
  • Campaign aimed at making customers aware of the importance of stopping fax machine use and reducing paper consumption