The GroupHistory

Chiaravalli - one of the European leading manufacturers in the transmission sector – was established by Silvio Chiaravalli, its founder, in 1950s, driven by his tenacity and willingness to emerge from ruins and poverty in the post war years. Tough times to live in, but its founder’s resolution, entrepreneurial capacity and ingenuity in mechanics have indelibly marked company establishment and growth.


FIP company was established

FIP, Fabbrica Ingranaggi Premezzo, company was established in Cavaria, a small village perched on the lower slopes of Varese Alpine foothills. Since then, Cavaria and its neighbouring villages have always been Chiaravalli family’s strategic manufacturing core.

Photo: 1955 - 1965 - FIP headquarter expansion works


FIP company had grown

Founders’ goals had changed but Silvio Chiaravalli’s ambition was unchanged.
Silvio Chiaravalli established Ingranaggi Chiaravalli srl.

Photo: 1960-1964


Chiaravalli was turned into a limited stock company.

Ingranaggi Chiaravalli srl had grown; the company was turned into a limited stock company.

Photo: 1970 - Chiaravalli Ingranaggi SpA outside


Former Aprilia plant was turned into a new production site

The original factory in Premezzo had constantly been enlarged and modernized with new structures, machineries and offices, indeed it was not large enough for an ever-growing company. Ingranaggi Chiaravalli SpA did not step aside from its growth mission and acquired Aprilia plant, a company in decline.

Photo: 1976 – Aerial view of former Aprilia plant - 1978 – Aerial view of former Aprilia: plant was fully restored and enlarged.


New Branches

Chiaravalli Ingranaggi SpA opened its first branch in Padua, Italy.
Shortly, new branches opened in Bologna, Turin and Milan.

Photo: 1982 - Padua and Bologna


Opening of new production sites abroad

Chiaravalli Ingranaggi SpA opened to emerging countries: relying upon its know-how and brilliantly interpreting market needs, it relocated part of its mechanical component production in China.
Over the first years, production, as well as product quality, was granted by relocating specialized staff from Chiaravalli Ingranaggi to supervise component production in China.


A Grieving Family and Community

Chiaravalli’s founder – the heart and soul of the company - died.
Cavaria was a shocked town and his family was heartbroken. Together they accompanied the company founder on his last journey..
The Chiaravalli family was destroyed by the company founder’s sudden death, but in no way gave up his efforts. Mario, the founder’s young son, and Anna, his younger daughter, took over their family business, and Mrs Carla, their mother, became the company chairwoman.


New Generations

With its second generation, Chiaravalli Ingranaggi SpA grew: new companies were acquired, new brands and products, together with new development opportunities, were generated.


The First Branch Abroad

For the first time, a branch was established abroad: Chiaravalli España and Chiaravalli France were founded.

Photo: 2006 - Chiaravalli España


Chiaravalli Trasmissioni SpA

Chiaravalli Ingranaggi SpA definitely turned into Chiaravalli Trasmissioni SpA.

1996 - Chiaravalli Trasmissioni SpA headquarter


RC Trasmissioni

RC Trasmissioni was established in Buguggiate, in Varese province.

Photo: 1997 - RC Trasmissioni headquarter- 1999 - Carat headquarter


Chiaravalli – a Fast Growing Company

Chiaravalli increasingly grew, new sectors were targeted, and new plants were required; therefore, new companies were rapidly established: Carat, manufacturer and provider of motorcycle products, CP Group, a company specialized in manufacturing drawing design mechanical parts, and CC Lame, a company specialized in manufacturing top quality slicer blades.

Photo: 1999 - CP Group headquarter - 1999 - CC Lame headquarter


Chiaravalli CEKA

CHIARAVALLI CEKA, a branch of Chiaravalli Trasmissioni SpA, was opened in the Czech Republic.

Photo: 2003 – Chiaravalli Ceka headquarter



CHIARAVALLI POLSKA, a branch of Chiaravalli Trasmissioni SpA, was opened in Poland.

Photo: 2004 - Chiaravalli Polska headquarter


Chiaravalli Logistics Centre in Cantalupa

The new triple Chiaravalli Logistics Centre was opened in Cantalupa.
A 26,000 sqm storage area equipped with top-notch logistics computer systems.

Photo: 2005 – Chiaravalli Logistics Centre in Cantalupa


Chiaravalli Group Spa and LMC srl

Worldwide economy was going through a deep economic crisis, industrial scenarios were quickly changing and Chiaravalli SpA needed to rethink itself to go on growing.
A company reorganization plan was quickly and responsively designed and realized; the group of Chiaravalli companies was harmoniously reorganized into two new organizations: Chiaravalli Group SpA, the commercial company, and LMC srl, the manufacturing company.


Customers from 52 countries

Chiaravalli company reorganization process was completed.
Today, Chiaravalli group counts on over 200 employees and operates in all EC countries, in the Balkan area as well as former Communist bloc countries – Russia in the first place - besides several African countries.

Today, Chiaravalli Group SpA boasts customers from 52 different countries.


New assembly Area for Gearboxes and Motors

We inaugurate the new assembly and testing area for Gearboxes and Motors.


New Department for Chiaravalli MADE IN ITALY Worm Screw Jacks

We inuagurate the new assembly and testing department for Chiaravalli Worm Screw Jacks


New Offices

The new building dedicated to Chiaravalli offices and services was inaugurated.


Gearbox and Motor Assembly and Testing Area Expansion

Gearbox and motor assembly and testing area was enlarged with the brand new Planetary Gearbox division.


The growth continues

The assembly area for Chiaravalli MADE IN ITALY Worm Screw Jacks is furtherly extended


New Production Area for Chiaravalli MADE IN ITALY Tensioners

In an area of over 1.500 square meters we inaugurate the new production site for Chiaravalli Tensioners