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Poly Chain® GT pulleys - Made in Italy, Made in CHIARAVALLI

Poor sprocket quality drastically reduces lifetime of the drive
We have recently been alerted to a number of quality issues caused by poor quality belt sprockets. These quality issues have resulted in complete drive failures.  Most commonly, these have arisen on drives equipped with Poly Chain® synchronous belts, but they have been noted on others as well. The failure was either caused by the sprocket breaking apart under load, or by meshing problems due to the wrong sprocket profile.
Gates work with our suppliers to ensure that sprocket profiles meet the requirements of ISO 13050:2014, that the materials used are of the required grade and that the dimensions are such that they can transmit the required load.
Failure to use sprockets which meet these requirements could have the following effects:
· Reduced drive performance.
· Reduced belt lifetime.
· Accelerated belt / sprocket wear rates.
· Increased drive noise.
· Increased risk of sprocket fracturing.

Gates Poly Chain® GT Sprockets
Poly Chain® GT2 and Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt are Gates’ synchronous belts with the highest power density in their category. They require an accurate and correctly engineered sprocket system that is capable of coping with this high power demand.
Gates EMEA recommends that where ever possible customers use genuine Gates Poly Chain® GT sprockets in combination with our Poly Chain® synchronous belts.
As the power capacity of Gates’ belts has increased, calculations have been completed on the level of performance required from the sprockets and it has been confirmed that those supplied by Gates and our partners meet these requirements.
These sprockets are available directly from Gates or from our recommended sprocket manufacturers.

Please contact your local Gates representative  Sig. Emanuele Costantini +39 0331 214 554

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