Chiaravalli Group SpA B2Bnext

Always focussed on market needs, Chiaravalli Group SpA has perceived the need for keeping its customers informed about its complete product range in an ongoing updated manner, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For this purpose, Chiaravalli Group SpA has launched its B2Bnext Webservice: a top-notch product search, selection, purchase and delivery ordering system.

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Chiaravalli Group B2Bnext: a quality label

Thanks to B2Bnext system, Chiaravalli Group becomes a virtual extension of customers’ warehouse. Via B2Bnext system, Chiaravalli Group customers can carry out search, selection and ordering processes independently, confidentially and safely. Search, selection, purchase, picking, packing and dispatching are certified automated processes that offer customers:

  • Correct selection
  • Purchase quality
  • Picking accuracy
  • Packaging safety
  • Dispatch certification
  • Delivery timing