The Group

Italian Heart, Global Machinery


It was 1952 when Silvio Chiaravalli began to realize his dream of "building mechanisms to help man in his daily life" on the slopes of the Lombardy Alps.

It's been 70 years to today and its legacy is a global multi-sector group built on solid foundations laid in the post-World War II Italian context.

The Chiaravalli Group is today structured into four commercial divisions which cover Industrial, OEM, Food and Motorcycle.

 Chiaravalli Group represents today a unique synthesis of passion, technical know-how,  and   tradition.

Values, mission, vision, certifications

Values ​​and vision

Chiaravalli means mechanics since 1952, when Silvio Chiaravalli embarked on his dream to move the world with his gears.

Over the decades, the productive soul has been able to evolve by keeping its roots firm: on the one hand the opportunities offered from the increasingly global markets and on the other the Italian passion in mechanical manufacturing. 

70 years of history deliver to us a reality in which the third generation of the family is innovating the road traced in the second after war by offering the market a unique combination of manufacturing excellence and commercial force, oriented towards new opportunities while staying solid in its foundations.



The history and the group evolution have always aimed at becoming a technological and strategic partner for our customers, providing at the same time a wide range of products and a highly qualified technical service.

Company investments and developments are always oriented to improve the service offered to our customers, in terms of speed, customizations and support to thier technical and strategical needs;

Our origins

FIP is born

Fabbrica Ingranaggi Premezzo is born in Cavaria Small town perched on the first slopes of the Varese Alps.
Since then Cavaria and the neighboring countries will always remain as a strategic production center of the Chiaravalli family.

Photos: 1955 - 1965 - Expanding FIP headquarters

Chiaravalli srl was born

The objectives of the founding members have changed
but Silvio Chiaravalli's ambitions are still intact.

Silvio Chiaravalli founded the Ingranaggi Chiaravalli srl.

Ingranaggi Chiaravalli turns into SPA

Ingranaggi Chiaravalli still grows, the Society turns into SPA (Society with Shareholders).

Photo: 1970 Chiaravalli Spa external spa

New plant

The original plant is constantly modernized with new structures, new machinery and new offices, but it's now insufficient and the IIngranaggi Chiaravalli Spa does not escape its expansion mission by purchasing the Aprilia plant, a company now in decline.

Photo: 1976 Old Aerial View Aprilia - 1978 Aerial View former Aprilia Referential location totally renovated and expanded

Entrance to international markets

The Chiaravalli Spa Spa opens to the emerging countries: thanks to its know-how and genially interpreting the demands of the market transfers part of its production of standard mechanical components to China.
In the early years, the quality of the products, it is guaranteed by specialized personnel of Chiaravalli that supervises and teaches the Far East producers.

A great mourning

The founder of Chiaravalli, l & rsquo; soul who has so far guided society & agrave; dies.

An astonished cavaria and an inconsolable family accompany the founder in his last earthly journey.

The Chiaravalli family although destroyed by thesudden disappearance does not abandon, the young son Mario and his younger daughter Anna assume the reins of the company; supported by thier mother Mrs. Carla that assumes the presidency of the Society.

The new generation

With the second generation, Chiaravalli Spa Spa still grows: new companies are acquired, new brands and new products, new opportunities of development are created;

The first foreign branch of the group was born

The first foreign branch is founded: Chiaravalli Spain is born; shortly after followed by Chiaravalli France.

Photo: 2006 Spain headquarters
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Swirling growth of Chiaravalli

new sectors are identified, new factories are needed: they are made up of rapid succession:
Carat, a company specialized in the production and marketing of specific products for the motorcycle sector, the CP Group, a company specialized in the creation of mechanical details with design
The CC Lame, a company specialized in the manufacture of blades for slicers of very high quality.

Photo: 1999 CP Group headquarters - 1999

Chiaravalli Polska & Cz

The Chiaravalli Transmissions branch:
Chiaravalli Polska is inaugurated in Poland.

Photo: 2004 - Polska headquarters

Chiaravalli Logistics Center

The triptych of the new Chiaravalli logistics center of Cantalupa is inaugurated.

The new headquarters with a & rsquo; storage area of ​​over 26,000 square meters & egrave; totally enslaved by themost modern IT services and logistics functional available on the market at the time.

Photo: 2005 - Cantalupa logistics center

The group comes to life

World economy crosses a profound economic crisis, all industrial scenarios are rapidly changing and Chiaravalli spa to grow must rethink its self with promptness. A corporate renovation plan is designed and built: the Galaxy of the Societies Chiaravalli is harmoniously reorganized in two new reality & agrave;: a commercial onel, the Chiaravalli Group Spa, and the productive, LMC srl are born.

New assembly area

The new assembly and testing area is inaugurated for motors and gearboxes.

New Offices areas for Chiaravalli Group

The new assembly and testing department is inaugurated for mechanical worm screwjacks Chiaravalli

Tensor line that

In an area of ​​over 1500 square meters, the new production headquarters of Chiaravalli tensioners production is inaugurated

CLC - Chiaravalli Linear Center

Chiaravalli Linear Center (CLC) was born in 2022: a new chapter for the Group that crucially expands the offer to customers with an innovative and constantly developing product

Chiaravalli per lo Sport

Varesina Calcio

Playing in the National Serie D championship, Varesina represents a unique reality in terms of infrastructural investments and in its youth sector, a real point of reference at the regional if not national level!

Eolo Kometa Cycling Team

The team born from the work of two legends of this sport such as Ivan Basso and Alberto Contador is distinguishing himself year after year for the incredible work carried out teaching young people the values ​​of sacrifice and dedication essential in cycling; a long journey and with important educational and social implications that leads to create a unique sense of belonging in young people who manage to land in the first team. 

Gresini Racing Team

The Gresini Racing MotoGP Team will tackle it with a new technical partner: CHT Chiaravalli is certainly nothing new in the world of two wheels. The historical brand with which Gresini Racing will develop the RK chains, distributed by the very Italian company.

Marketing and Racing have never been so united between the Faenza house and the Varese company

Elf Mvds team

A historical team in the maximum world circuit of motorcycling, a forge of talents and solid pilots who over the years have always fought for the top places of the Moto 2. 

Chiaravalli around the globe


Our Plants

Our roots are linked to the municipality of Cavaria con Premezzo, on the slopes of the Alps, between Milan and Varese.

The link with the territory has meant that our infrastructure has developed around the original site in Premezzo with various offices all interconnected and just a few kilometers away from each other.