Logistics & Shipping

Technical offices

Each line of our products is maintained by a team of engineers dedicated to its development and technical support of our customers.

Alongside the important team dedicated to the design and prototyping for the production area, Chiaravalli Group has set up a capillary structure where each product is followed by specialized personnel.

Mechanical Processing

A production area equipped with more than 300 machines, a seventy-year history of passion for mechanical machining: from the design to the delivery of the component on the production line, our service stands out for its passion, know-how and completeness.

Assembly Areas

Each product finds in the logistics system the spaces necessary for its proper management.

Thanks to important investments Chiaravalli Group has over the years developed areas dedicated to each of its products in order to combine quality with a 360° service that starts from technical consultancy and reaches the possibility of configuring and customizing the product according to the needs of the customer.

Quality and Certificates

A constant commitment that guides the daily life of the company. More than an operating area, a paradigm followed by the entire Group.

IT Business Services