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In order to facilitate the use of B2B Next and it is possible to register the product codes of our customers in order to have a double match for each product.

In this way, the use of our B2B Next will be simplified and will include the codes used by each customer during the purchase and research phase.

This procedure can take place both manually for each product via the B2B Next platform, and massively involving our ICT department.

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EDI System - IUNGO Connector

Iungo is a so-called "middleware" platform, i.e. a tool that lies in between.

Its operation consists in receiving files in a format and through a series of encodings transforming it into the desired output.


In this way, the customer inserts a document in the most congenial format and Iungo takes care of reprocessing it for the Chiaravalli systems. Similarly, our response will undergo the reverse process.


We are currently able to manage the following documents with this system:

•Order confirmation
•Pre-shipping document


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API system

Web APIs are the foundation of most major websites.

It is a tool for transferring information or requesting actions from one point to another (from database to system or vice versa or between two systems (front-end and back-end)).

Specifically, our IT has developed a series of APIs that allow you to display information about our products or perform actions such as placing orders through third-party systems.

The potential of this tool is truly enormous and allows you to view Chiaravalli availability in real time, choose products and order directly from your management systems, with unprecedented gains in efficiency and speed.

Chiaravalli's Web APIs allow you to perform various completely free operations such as:

  • InsertOrder: order entry into the system;
  • OrderResponse: order confirmation;
  • ShipmentResponse: Shipment status, delivery note, packing list;
  • Packinglist: excel format of the packing list;
  • Get/item/info: product availability in our warehouses, product availability on ship, net price and net weight;
  • Get/itemData: product photo and description in the requested language.

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