General Sales Condition

General Sales Condition

CHIARAVALLI GROUP S.p.A. accepts only written orders. Customers shall place orders in B2B NEXT, by fax or by e-mail and if possible, they shall indicate the product codes which are to be found in the general catalogue. Once an order has been processed or packaged, it can no longer be cancelled or reduced – except in case of specific agreement with our Sales Office. The quantity of items produced according to customer’s drawings can vary of ± 5% with respect to the ordered quantity; invoices adjust accordingly. 
Prices are agreed at the time of quotation or refer to the general current price list. CHIARAVALLI GROUP S.p.A. reserves the faculty to modify its prices, if changes in market and production conditions make it necessary. 
Contractual rights and liabilities cannot be assigned to third parties without prior authorization from CHIARAVALLI GROUP S.p.A.

Payment terms shall be agreed in advance with our Sales Office. Unless authorized by our Sales Department, rounding-offs or deductions from the amounts due are not allowed. Unpaid cash orders and delayed payments determine expenses and delay interests charged to the Customer in the limits foreseen by the Italian law. Foreign bank charges related to payments are at Customer’s expenses. Goods are subject to retention of title, until they are fully paid for, including interests and accessories. Customer’s drawing or renewing (full or in part) of bills of exchange shall not be considered as extinction, novation or final payment of the price, until the full payment occurs. Similarly, drawing bills of exchange do not compromise the retention of title. Notwithstanding the foregoing, risks of loss, failure or damage shall transfer to the Customer upon goods delivery.

Upon placement of each order, delivery terms must be arranged and reconfirmed by CHIARAVALLI GROUP S.p.A. Delivery terms may vary in case of production problems, difficulties in collecting material or in the event of force majeure, without affecting the validity of the order. The Customer is forced to collect items according to drawing in any case. S.p.A. shall not incur any liability by reason of damages due to failed or reduced production of goods, nor for indirect and consequential damages caused by delays in the delivery of ordered goods.
CHIARAVALLI GROUP S.p.A. charges packaging at cost price.
Transport conditions must be agreed between S.p.A. and the Customer. Goods travel at the risk of the Customer, except from the carrier’s liability by virtue of article 1693 of the Italian Civil Code. 

CHIARAVALLI GROUP S.p.A. shall repair or replace free of charge those parts which CHIARAVALLI GROUP S.p.A. recognizes as faulty. Said goods shall be returned to CHIARAVALLI GROUP S.p.A. free of any charge (delivered duty paid). The warranty does not apply if the goods returned as faulty had been repaired or modified by the buyer. Reworking of defective parts by the buyer will be recognized only if authorized by S.p.A. upon approval of a cost estimate. S.p.A. does not take any responsibility nor recognizes any compensation for possible damages due to the use of its products, even if they are defective. 
CHIARAVALLI GROUP S.p.A. does not take any responsibility nor recognizes any compensation for possible damages due to the use of its products, even if they are defective. CHIARAVALLI GROUP S.p.A. declines any responsibility for the execution, according to customer’s drawing, of parts subject to patent protection.

Return policy
All returns are to be previously agreed with our Sales Department and the goods must not have been machined or processed by the Customer; on the contrary, returns will be sent back at Customer’s charge. 
Items to be returned must be secured with proper packaging to prevent any damage in transit. Packages showing any evidence of having been tampered with or non-integral ones, will not be accepted. Return notes must contain our RMA number, shipping document and invoice data. In case of returns due to reasons other than quality defects, differences between ordered and delivered products, or shipping mistakes, CHIARAVALLI GROUP S.p.A. reserves the right to accept and debit the Customer the 15% of the value of returned goods to cover handling and stocking costs and these returns must be carriage paid. Returns for amounts lower than € 100,00 per each sales line, will be charged of a fix amount of 15 Euro.