Industrial Division

Over the years, industrial components have always represented the core of the activity of the group and today the offer is based on a strong set of services to support one of the most complete ranges of products.

In a logistics infrastructure that covers more than 30,000 square meters, standard transmission, belts, tensioners, inverters, mechanical worm screwjacks, right angles, motors and gearboxes find their perfect location. 

Inside the logistics there is a vast assembly and configuring workshop that allows Chiaravalli Group to effectively prepare what is prepared by the product teams to adapt perfectly to the customer's needs .

Thanks to a strong technical know-how, every product team supports customers in the best choice and definition of the components necessary for their application; This strong bond is fundamental to provide the right support to customers operating in extremely different sectors such as metallurgy, maritime cranes, railways, mines, agriculture, heavy transport, land handling, oil and gas, alternative energies, lifts and mobile stair.

Chiaravalli Linear Center

Chiaravalli Group, a leading company for 70 years in the components sector for Potenza transmission expands its technical-commercial proposal. With the birth of Chiaravalli Linear Center we are now able to provide the range Complete with articles for linear movement.

Chiaravalli Linear Center

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