Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The QHSE Policy of the Chiaravalli Group began as a commitment of the Board of Directors and has evolved through the work of the entire company.

Chiaravalli Group Spa is positioned as a leading company in the production and distribution of transmission products. In collaboration with LMC SrL, it has the possibility of satisfying any request from the end customer thanks to the large production potential of the latter.

Although the main nucleus has been split into a commercial unit and a production unit, the will of the owners is nonetheless to maintain and consolidate the leadership of the CHIARAVALLI Group, in the awareness that this can only be achieved through the ability to guarantee continuous customer satisfaction.

It is equally clear that this can only be achieved through the creation of quality products, which are in turn the result of excellent business processes, obtained by guaranteeing safe working conditions and minimal environmental impacts such as reduced consumption, continuous improvement in management of waste and dangerous substances, the containment of noise pollution.

The effort of the whole Company must therefore be increasingly concentrated in the search for process improvement, also through an increasingly responsible involvement of all Company collaborators, both internal and external. The continuous improvement of flows, processes and the management system lead the company to the awareness of obtaining excellent results with moderate economic and environmental impact, with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction at 360 degrees.

The main objectives that the CHIARAVALLI group sets out through this policy are:

1. always maintain a high level of stakeholder satisfaction;

2. facilitate the participatory and sharing process among one's own people, in particular employees and collaborators, by committing to the consultation and participation of workers and workers' representatives;

3. carry out each assessment on the basis of objective evidence and in compliance with applicable rules and regulations;

4. provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses, undertaking to eliminate dangers and reduce risks to Health and Safety at Work;

5. protect the environment, committing to the prevention and reduction of pollution deriving from one's own activities with an approach to the product life cycle;

6. promote continuous staff training/information to consolidate a culture of individual and collective behavior aimed at:

· respect the environment, protect health, consolidate safety, as moral duties towards colleagues, the community and the territory;

· meet customer requirements, including regulatory ones, relating to products.

7. the timeliness of responses and collaboration with its customers and suppliers, with a view to creating shared value;

8. the safety, reliability of the products and services offered, in compliance with current regulations and the most advanced national and international standards, ensuring the continuous alignment of company processes with the requirements of the Quality standards (ISO 9001, IATF 16949).


The implementation of the QHSE Policy is ensured through:

1. the application of the QHSE Management System;

2. the QHSE review by the Management;

3. the achievement of the established objectives;

4. risk assessment;

5. the design, monitoring and analysis of business processes;

6. the Improvement Plans, issued periodically during the Management review, which define the new QHSE objectives of the various business areas;

7. training.


These make it possible to give continuity to the processes with the main objective of streamlining and in any case consolidating the results that have always been obtained. Believing in our potential and abilities every day increases the experience and awareness of being a strong and solid group.