Locking Plates: Ensuring Safety and Precision

Locking Plates: Ensuring Safety and Precision

Chiaravalli Group SpA's locking plates are a critical element in ensuring safety and precision within industrial mechanical transmissions. Adhering to the latest international standards (UNI, ISO, DIN, ANSI), our locking plates are designed to provide effective fastening and minimal maintenance. These components are vital for securing sprockets and chain wheels, thus maintaining the reliability and optimal performance of the entire transmission system.

Advanced Technology in Locking Plates

The locking plates from Chiaravalli Group SpA are the culmination of ongoing innovation and optimized design. The selection of robust materials and precise geometric profiles, crafted with the latest CAD/CAM tools, enhances the meshing of components and reduces wear. Our exclusive Taper-Lock technology ensures exceptional ease of assembly and centering accuracy, crucial for demanding industrial applications.

Customization and Versatility of Locking Plates

Addressing the specific needs of the industry, Chiaravalli Group SpA provides customizable locking plates tailored to our corporate clients' requirements. The ability to adapt to various designs and materials, along with heat treatments such as induction hardening, allows us to offer a finished product that perfectly fits each industrial plant's needs, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Locking Plates for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 demands transmission components that not only meet quality standards but are also smart and integrable into automated systems. Chiaravalli Group SpA's locking plates meet these criteria, offering a solution that merges mechanical tradition with technological innovation for an ever-evolving sector.

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