08 March 2024

8 March: a flower is not enough

Often March 8th is interpreted as a holiday and not as a day for rights.

However, the origins of the Day are to be found in the years between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, when movements for the demand for gender equality and, in particular, for the right to vote, which was then denied to women almost everywhere, spread in many countries.
Although much has been achieved since that era, Chiaravalli Group believes that there is still a long way to go. Today our commitment is aimed at gender equality in a sector still strongly characterized by a male predominance.

We are proud to boast Dr. Anna Chiaravalli in our management, an example of entrepreneurship, leadership, passion and competence that has few equals.
Her example is a stimulus and an inspiration for all the colleagues of the Group, in leadership positions or not, so that they can continue to engage in the pursuit of their objectives in a reality that does not only aim at gender equality but at total inclusiveness.
The desire to build a future of equal opportunities has pushed us to invest in the territory by identifying sport as an educational and training element for the youngest: for this reason we are proud from this year to be alongside the Torino Club Gallarate - Women and the City of Milan Women's Beach Soccer.
Our desire is to support these far-sighted realities in paving the way for a path of collective consciousness that allows every athlete, every worker, every woman to undertake the path they desire without any type of foreclosure.

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