29 April 2024

New chain XRE by RK

The new XRE series of RK motorcycle chains is designed to meet the power needs of modern motorcycle models and the demand from manufacturers to reduce chain sizes for high-displacement bikes.

With a combination of high durability and lightweight construction, the XRE series has been tested on racing tracks in the Racing world, during the Endurance World Cup (EWC), and even at the Dakar.

The main goal in developing the XRE was to create a chain that seamlessly transitions from the circuit to the road, making it ideal not only for traditional use but also for extreme speed requirements.

RK's XW-Ring technology, implemented in the XRE, creates two lubrication zones and three contact lips, forming a triple barrier to seal the chain and prevent the entry of debris and dirt.

Starting from May 2024, the XRE series will replace the XSO series. The XRE range includes variants such as 428XRE, 520XRE, 525XRE, and 530XRE, available in Classic Steel, Total Gold, Orange, Red, Blue, and Green colors.

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