12 June 2024

NEW X-RACE Front SPROCKET: Performance and Style by Chiaravalli

Here is our new X-Race sprocket, designed to meet the highest standards by offering exceptional performance and a unique style!

The new X-Race sprocket is specifically designed for off-road use, featuring mud-release machining and a dual-material structure that makes it exceptionally lightweight.

The body is made of ERGAL 7075T6, while the teeth are made of C45, ensuring an optimal combination of lightness and strength.


Technical Information:

Materials: ERGAL 7075T6/C45

Production: Made with precision CNC machining

Precision: Absolute adherence to tolerances, flatness, and concentricity

The best of Chiaravalli tradition and quality in a new design to make every bike unique: discover the special colors of the new X-RACE! for more

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