17 April 2024

Motorbike Accessories Guide: How to Choose the Best Chains and Essential Parts

Explore types of chains, sprockets and chainrings, with practical advice on selection and maintenance for safe, high-performance riding. Chiaravalli offers high quality products and support to maximise your two-wheel experience.

14 March 2024

Energy Efficiency in Industrial Applications: Saving Energy and Costs

Explore with us energy efficiency strategies and the adoption of renewable energies in the industrial sector, highlighting how these practices reduce environmental impact, improve competitiveness, and lead towards a sustainable future, emphasizing the synergy between technological innovation and environmental responsibility.

08 March 2024

8 March: a flower is not enough

Often March 8th is interpreted as a holiday and not as a day for rights.

However, the origins of the Day are to be found in the years between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, when movements for the demand for gender equality and, in particular, for the right to vote, which was then denied to women almost everywhere, spread in many countries.

Although much has been achieved since that era, Chiaravalli Group believes that there is still a long way to go. Today our commitment is aimed at gender equality in a sector still strongly characterized by a male predominance.


21 February 2024

Enhancing Industrial Machinery: The Advantages of Chiaravalli Gearboxes

Discover Chiaravalli gearboxes, advanced solutions that maximize machinery efficiency and durability across industries from metallurgy and railways to agriculture, heavy transport, and alternative energy. These essential components optimize performance and sustainability, ensuring reliability and quality.

26 January 2024

Paola and Marta: a successful generational transition!

On January 31, 2024, our Paola, a historic figure in the Administration, Finance and Control department, reaches her well-deserved retirement. Her professionalism and experience gained over the years have made this moment crucial and delicate to manage. 

The Human Resources department identified Marta several months in advance as the ideal candidate to give continuity to Paola's work, thus preparing a coaching project aimed at a complete handover. 

Thanks to the planning of this moment, it was possible to see Paola and Marta get to know each other and refine their understanding during the gradual passage of information and activities from one to the other. 

Despite Marta's young age, the mutual availability gave rise to a harmony that made January 31, 2024 a moment in which to celebrate Paola's career without worries, confident that Marta will be able to carry out her work with the same efficiency and effectiveness.

An important example of foresight in relation to the career stages of people within the group and at the same time a more general account of how the generational transition can bring mutual benefits. 

But even more than the story, the words of those directly involved are valid, to whom we are happy to give space. 

25 October 2023

Chiaravalli stars in the Italian Motorally Championship with CF Racing champions

Matteo Drusiani of the CF Racing team became Italian Champion in both the Motorally and the Raid TT in the 500 class. His Ktm 500 Exc-f raced equipped with CHT components, RK chains, Shinko tyres and Excel rims that Chiaravalli proudly distributes in Italy.

25 September 2023

Host 2023: Here we go!

We are thrilled to announce the participation of Chiaravalli's Food Division at HOST 2023, one of the premier international events dedicated to the hospitality and restaurant industry. The fair will be held at RHO Fiera Milano from 13th to the 17th of October.


17 July 2023

📢 Summer Notice 2023 ⚙️🏖️

Dear customers and partners,

we are pleased to inform you that Chiaravalli Group will be open regularly during the summer of 2023 to provide you with our support and high-quality products. 

07 June 2023

The innovative solar panel system on the roof of our warehouse: environmental and operational benefits for the Chiaravalli Group

We are thrilled to announce the installation of our innovative solar panel system on the roof of our warehouse at Chiaravalli Group's Cantalupa headquarters. This project represents a significant milestone in our pursuit of sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. In this article, we will explore the details of this project and the results achieved, highlighting the numerous benefits it will bring to our group and the surrounding environment.

23 May 2023

Chiaravalli Group OEM Division to Showcase at MECFOR Fair in Parma

Chiaravalli Group's OEM Division is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming MECFOR Fair in Parma, from May 23rd to 25th. This B2B event, organized by Fiere di Parma and CEU, focuses on productive flexibility, innovative machinery, and environmental sustainability. Visit our stand at Pad. 02 Stand L 008 and explore our cutting-edge solutions for your industrial needs.